Wietse Neven.

Professional creator of interactive media since 2013.

Teacher interaction design and web development since 2020.

About me

Hey there! I'm Wietse Neven, a 28-year young freelance creator of interactive media and teacher interaction design based in the Netherlands.

I am working professionally since 2013 on all kinds of interactive projects ranging from websites for small businesses and enterprises to interactive physical art installations.

For the last couple of years, I have mainly been working on custom web application development using Next.js, React and custom APIs in Node.js with relational databases.

Since 2020, I teach interaction design at the ROC van Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands for a couple days a week.

When not working I love spending my time outsides riding my bicycle, running or survival.

Oh, I do take on freelance projects!


Some projects I've had the pleassure of working on

In random order.

  • Entre Ríos

    EntreRíos is a place, it is the result of a journey into silence to meet the survivors of the conflict, listen to them and tell. It is an intimate and collaborative project that investigates the memories and truths of violence in the Colombian Caribbean.

    • development
    • nextjs
    • colombia
    • cms
    • framer-motion
    • fullstack
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  • Sonar

    SONAR is a tool for monitoring and estimating regulatory risks for both the executive and legislative branches in Colombia. Of 100% of the bills that are filed in Congress, only 0.1% becomes law of the republic.

    • development
    • nextjs
    • colombia
    • cms
    • automation
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  • Avans CMD website

    A custom website where all graduation students are able to upload their own work as a nice portfolio.

    • kirby cms
    • php
  • AUDI - The road to Zero Emission

    A very interactive website which tells the story about the new zero emission Audi cars and concepts.

    In partnership with DigitasLBi Amsterdam I helped with the technical development of the Audi Zero Emissions website. This website stands out in interactivity and lots of videos and movements to make it really strong and match the story of Audi.

    • react
    • development
    • anime.js
  • Lights of Attention

    Influencing the beat of seating cubes by giving them attention

    The Light of Attention is an interactive installation that allows people to interact with their environment again. Exchange a look, as nodding or smiling to the environment is enough to let the audience experience the environment differently.

    It is a subtle installation without major threshold, people can easily move to and away from it. The whole system revolves around light, attention and interaction with your environment.
    If one person sits on a cube, the cube changes color and the other two cubes keep flashing for attention. If two people are sitting on the cubes, two cubes have the same color, which not only creates interaction between the participants of the installation, but also creates interaction inside the installation.

    • Arduino
    • Node.js
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Philips HUE
    • Woodwork
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  • TIME Magazine - A year in space

    Always wanted to know when you can see the International Space Station (ISS) from your backyard? You can find it now on the TIME Magazine ISS Tracker.

    For this project I was asked to create an ISS tracker for the TIME A Year In Space documentary series. Of the team from students and teachers of the Avans University of Applied Sciences I was responsible for the coding and creation part.

    • development
  • Tierra de resistentes

    Tierra de resistentes is a huge internatonal journalism project where I developed the interactive storytelling website for.

    • development
  • Philips Press Website

    A press website for journalists to get information about the new Philips products which are introduced at the IFA Show.

    Every year there is the IFA show in Berlin where lots of technologie companies present there latest products to the audience. Philips is one of those companies. TriMM, a full service internet company, asked me to design and develop the new press website for this event for Philips.

    • design
    • development
    • kirby cms
    • php